Suggestion #2 - Show closed flights as greyed out
Posted by: Luke ()
Date: July 19, 2008 08:21PM

I have two or three suggestions that others may be interested in commenting on. Some of them I've already implemented locally to good effect but I think would be a good thing for others too :-)

When flights are closed and/or cancelled, show them ‘greyed out’ or with line through them until otherwise cleared or another booking made over them. Once flights are removed they are gone completely and no-one can easily look back to see what happened on that day.


Re: Suggestion #2 - Show closed flights as greyed out
Posted by: claratte ()
Date: July 20, 2008 01:18PM

This suggestion as already been formed by a club, but we will not to do it for 2 main reasons:

- it's useless (it's not very practical to check every day all the books for the admin or any manager, it's more useful (and efficient) to make a good SQL request and to gain a statistic information (or to make appear a list of "strange" behaviours). Doing this SQL request is "easy": you put it on the "Reports" area. But nobody has done it ;-)

- it's very complex and will use a lot of CPU power (every time you display the page, OF will have to choose the right color)

Christophe LARATTE
OpenFlyers manager

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