Error in validated flight
Posted by: RussBAC ()
Date: April 16, 2017 06:43AM

I'd like to know the best procedure to fix an issue in a validated flight.

The situation is a member didn't record a flight.
A later flight was recorded using UTC instead of local. This wasn't spotted and the flights validated.
The missing flight was added after validation but it occurred before and the times clash. we now have the validated flight showing its duration as red as it occurred at the same time as the earlier flight.

In this particular instance we have been able to set the missing flight to start 20 minutes earlier than it did in reality but we'd really like a better way to fix this. Ideally we'd like the ability for admins to unvalidate entries that may have been validated accidentally.

Or what would be the proper Openflyers way to correct errors in the flight entry?

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Re: Error in validated flight
Posted by: claratte ()
Date: January 29, 2018 12:14PM


Sorry for this late reply.

To ensure the confidence of all stakeholders, it is very important that a validated flight cannot be un-validated.

Nevertheless, this problem occurs from time to time. So, to mitigate the issue, we have created a function that helps to easily cancel the "effects" of a flight that should be deleted by creating an exact opposite flight. Then, you just have to create a new correct flight.

Here is the link to the French documentation:és#Annuler-une-activité-validée

Christophe LARATTE
OpenFlyers manager

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